Acute limb ischemia caused by ruptured cardiac hydatid cyst
Acute limb ischemia is a sudden decrease in limb perfusion that threatens the viability of the limb. Complete or even partial occlusion of the arterial supply to a limb can lead to rapid ischemia and poor functional outcomes within hours.

In human echinococcosis cardiac involvement is a rare presentation, it may lead to life-threatening complications including cyst rupture; anaphylactic shock; tamponade; pulmonary, cerebral or peripheral arterial embolism. Cardiac hydatid cyst (CHC) may have different presentation include acute lower limb ischemia secondary to embolization from a ruptured cyst.

Published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the authors report an 18-year old male healthy building worker while he was working who presented with sudden onset acute right lower limb pain and paresthesia caused by rupture of primary CHC which managed as a surgical emergency.

• Acute lower limb ischaemia in non-traumatic young age without history of cardiac disease should be consider rupture cardiachydatid in mind.

• Echocardiography, computerized tomography play important role in diagnosis and early treatment.

• The diagnosis of hydatid cyst of the heart is difficult because of clinical and also radiographic findings may be nonspecific.

• Ruptured cardiac hydatid cyst should be diagnosed immediately and excision of the cardiac cyst should be performed as quickly as possible.

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