Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor mimicking a radicular cyst
Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is a rare noninvasive odontogenic tumor that occurs mostly in the second decade of life. Based on its tooth association, AOT can be classified into three categories of follicular, extrafollicular, and peripheral types; the follicular classification is considered as the most common type of AOT.

This study, published in the journal Case Reports in Radiology reported a large extrafollicular case of AOT in a 40-year-old female. She was asymptomatic and tumor was detected accidentally by her dental practitioner.

Since the panoramic radiograph showed a well-defined unilocular radiolucent lesion, radiopaque spots were observed within the lesion by using cone beam computed tomography. The extrafollicular type can mimic a periapical radiolucent lesion.

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