Airway foreign body manifested as a coin lesion
The present case has been reported in the Clinical Case Reports. A 58‐year‐old nonsmoking male was referred with a 1‐week history of cough. He had been on peritoneal dialysis since 3 years due to hypertensive nephrosclerosis. Despite having sustained an intracranial hemorrhage 8 years prior, he had no residual neurologic deficits.

A chest radiograph revealed a radiopaque foreign body in the right hilar region. The presence of a bronchial foreign body was suspected, and flexible bronchoscopy was performed. Balloon catheter was dilated at the periphery of the foreign body and withdrawn together with the bronchoscope.

After confirming the history of the prescribed medicines, the removed pill was found to be of lanthanum carbonate. After the procedure, the patient's respiratory symptoms resolved.

Learning Point:-
• The nature of airway foreign bodies is highly variable, ranging from organic to inorganic. It is estimated that approximately 7% of all foreign bodies are medicinal pills.
• Although most pills are radiolucent, lanthanum carbonate is radiopaque and may be identified on chest X‐rays.
• Because the removed pill was a chewable tablet, it was not crushed during the procedure.

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