An epidermal cyst of penis after distal hypospadias surgery
Published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, the authors describe a case of a patient with a penile epidermoid cyst, which occurred in the circumcision line on the left side of his penis, and urethral dehiscence following hypospadias surgery.

A 3-year-old white boy who underwent primary distal hypospadias surgery 1.5 years ago presented with a slowly growing mass in the left ventrolateral portion of the penile circumcision line and urethral dehiscence.

The histology of the excised mass revealed an epidermal inclusion cyst. Since then, he has remained healthy.

Key takeaway:-
Epidermal inclusion cyst as a complication of hypospadias surgery is a very rare situation. The diagnosis is made histologically and surgical excision is sufficient for treatment.

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