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Hepatitis B affects 40 million people in India. The current practice of immunisation against Hepatitis B across the world, is an injectable vaccine followed by 2 booster doses at 1 and 6 months. It is costly, unsuitable to mass immunisation and because of the need of booster doses, often leads to non-compliance.

However, for the 1st time, researchers at AIIMS, New Delhi have achieved a breakthrough in developing the world's first single dose oral Hepatitis B Vaccine. The team, led by Dr. Amit Kumar Dinda (MD, PhD), Professor of Pathology, has been working on the nanoparticle technology and has already demonstrated success in mice. They are optimistic of similar success in human trials; if they achieve it, the world is looking at the first single dose oral vaccine for Hepatitis B by 2021.

In an exclusive interview with PlexusMD, Dr. Amit Dinda explains in detail the technology behind the vaccine, the research process, the unexpected triumphs and challenges along the way, and the role other medical institutions and doctors can play to foster research in India...
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