An Unexpected Finding after Robotic Subtotal Gastrectomy
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Most Human taeniases are asymptomatic or associated with vague clinical manifestations, but cases of unusual migration of these parasites have been described.

A case of human Taenia Saginata infection is presented which is challenging: during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team performed a noninvasive robotic subtotal gastrectomy for gastric angulus adenocarcinoma. 10 hours after the end of the operation the patient presented an episode of vomiting with the expulsion of a 5-meter-long adult form of Taenia saginata.

Parasitic infections are more frequent in developing countries; in this case, the transposition of the small intestinal loop surely promoted the migration of Taenia Saginata through the gastro-jejunal anastomosis into the gastric stump.

The preoperative evaluation led to gastric cancer diagnosis and hindered the recognition of the taeniasis because of similar clinical presentations and the need to start quickly a therapeutic oncological strategy.

They concluded that it is important to obtain a detailed clinical history and exclude parasitic infection as a cause of loss of weight and gastrointestinal abnormalities.