Angiosarcoma of mandible: An uncommon clinical entity
Published in the International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research, a case of angiosarcoma of mandible in a female patient is presented, who presented with small, innocent-looking mass, which became a highly destructive malignant tumor within few days.

A 52-year-old female reported to the department of oral medicine and radiology with a gingival growth in the left mandible since 1-month. History of the presenting illness revealed that initially the growth was small in size, but now rapidly progressed to the present size since few days. The growth was associated with difficulty in mastication, speech, swallowing and frequent bleeding.

Extraorally, a diffuse, soft, and slightly tender swelling was present involving left body of the mandible. A solitary, nontender left submandibular lymph node was palpable, which was firm in consistency. Intraorally, an exophytic, nodular, sessile mass was seen involving the gingival and alveolar mucosa in the mandibular left right posterior region, with approximate size of 4 cm × 5.5 cm.

The overlying mucosa was pink to reddish with areas of yellowish necrotic slough. On palpation, the mass was soft to firm in consistency and was slightly tender, with variable amount of bleeding on probing Based on the history and clinical examination, a provisional diagnosis of benign aggressive neoplasm of left mandible was made.

On conventional lateral oblique view, mild erosion of the alveolar crest was seen. Patient was advised computed tomography (CT) scan. By the time patient reported after CT scan, her mouth was full of growth due to huge increase in the size of mass.

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