anybody know about kfd kyasnur forest disease???
Dr. sagar k
Anybody know about kfd kyasnur forest disease???
P●●●●●●i K●●●●●●●●●i
P●●●●●●i K●●●●●●●●●i General Medicine
Caused by arbovirus
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S●●●●●p G●●●●●r
S●●●●●p G●●●●●r General Medicine
It' s spreads via Hard ticks which act as vectors.. predominantly found in Karnataka Manifests as Hemorrhagic fever and later may lead to Menigoencephalitis Killed Vaccine developed in Mumbai
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Dr. s●●●r k
Dr. s●●●r k Ayurvedic Medicine
Heard still there is no specific treatment for that I live in near by city #thankyou for info
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