Assessing the Reliability of Intraocular Pressure Measuremen
The purpose of this study was to characterize intraoperator and interoperator and interdevice reliability of IOP measurements with rebound tonometry (RT, ic100).

Participants in study 1 underwent 5 RT measurements in one randomly selected eye and 5 Goldmann tonometry measurements in the fellow eye by 1 operator; intraoperator variability was compared using the F test. In study 2, 3 operators each obtained 3 RT measurements in participants in randomized operator order. In study 3, a single operator collected 3 measurements each with 3 RTs in randomized device order. Between-operator and between-device reproducibility were characterized using intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs).

--Overall, 28, 19, and 25 subjects participated in the 3 respective studies.

--Within-subject variance across subjects was 0.757 in RT measurements and 2.471 in Goldmann measurements.

--Interoperator reproducibility of RT measurements was good in both eyes.

--Interdevice reproducibility of RT measurements was good approaching excellent.

Conclusively, the RT’s lower measurement variability and good interoperator and interdevice reproducibility suggest that it can characterize IOP changes over time more robustly than Goldmann tonometry, aiding clinicians in assessing the effectiveness of glaucoma therapy and the consistency of IOP control.