Association between acute graft pyelonephritis and kidney gr
Acute graft pyelonephritis (AGPN) does not have any relation with graft failure in kidney transplant recipients (KTR), according to a study by the American Journal of transplantation.

In this single-center observational study, researchers aimed to assess the incidence of AGPN as a time-dependent post-transplantation event. They also examined the association between the diagnosis of AGPN and graft outcomes. In total, they evaluated 1480 patients who underwent kidney transplantation. During a median follow-up of 5.04 years, they observed 297 AGPN episodes that occurred in 158 KTR.

--AGPN was independently associated with an increased risk of graft loss and a persistently decreased eGFR.

--However, neither mortality nor biopsy-proven acute rejection was found to correlate with AGPN.

--Moreover, recurrent AGPN episodes did not appear to have an additive detrimental impact on graft loss.

These data represent a promising step in understanding whether AGPN prevention may decrease the risk of graft loss in KTR.