BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy to launch our new product HiiiH I'
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy to launch our new product HiiiH

I've been co-developing new medical devices since 2010 and have been involved in 18 inventions, 10 of which FAILED due to reasons related to teams

It's hard for Doctors to find the right team members (Engineers, designers, business experts) who can work as partners to develop new inventions.

Since Jan this year, my friend Ripunjay chachan and I started the development of an App called HiiiH that helps Doctors connect with the ecosystem so that they can invent and take ideas all the way to commercialisation, in an attempt to solve this matter.

So far we have created a database of 200+ Indian healthcare startups (Look under more - list of start ups) and have over 100+ doctors registered, who are keen to develop new technologies. So connect with them and collaborate.

HiiiH App allows you to

1. Find engineers and designers who can work on your ideas in your vicinity

2. Browse our start up database and explore collaboration opportunities

3. Stay updated with latest info

4. Get support in team finding, needs validation, paper writing, clinical trials support, product development and commercialisation

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