Bilateral Catamenial Hemopneumothorax: Diagnostic & Manageme
Catamenial pneumothorax (CP) is defined as spontaneous recurrent pneumothorax, occurring in women of reproductive age, in temporal relationship with menses.

A 34 year old female who is not known to have any medical illnesses, presented to the emergency room with progressive shortness of breath for several days. Her history revealed that she had the same episode years back and diagnosed as a case of right and left primary spontaneous pneumothorax respectively. She underwent VATS (Video-Assisted Thorocoscopic Surgery) on the left side and tube thoracostomy drainage on the right side.

Computed tomography (CT) chest demonstrated numerous air containing structures /bullae compressing underlying lung parenchyma with some showing air fluid level. A right thoracostomy tube was inserted initially and full lung expansion was achieved, minimal air leak grade 1-2 was observed, the diagnosis was bilateral recurrent pneumothorax initially.

A left thoracostomy tube was inserted too and full lung expansion was achieved. The drainage from both thoracostomy tube were serosorgoneous output. Due to high index of suspicion bilateral catamenial hemo-pneumothorax was entertained as a diagnosis.

Source: International journal of surgery case reports

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