Biomimetic post: A case report
Intraradicular retention and stability in severely compromised anterior teeth, is an important factor for functional reconstruction of such teeth. Most commonly used posts are custom or prefabricated.

The prefabricated posts include glass fiber, carbon fiber, metal or ceramics. However, till date none of the available posts meet all the biological requirements. This study is a biological approach for restoration of extensively damage teeth.

This case report discusses the use of dentin post made from extracted tooth for treatment of compromised anterior teeth. A "biological" restoration technique using dental fragments and adhesive materials is described. These fragments were obtained from extracted human teeth which had been previously sterilized and shaped to be used as intraradicular posts.

Learning Point:-
The use of dentin post is an alternative technique for reconstruction of extensively damaged teeth as it provided the excellent adhesion, strength to remaining tooth structure, and retention to the crown.

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