Blast effect of shotgun injury in kidney mimicking avulsion
The present case has been reported in the Indian Journal of Medical Research

A 39 yr old man presented to the Emergency department with multiple gunshot injuries (GSIs). Computed tomography (CT) showed multiple pellets of shotgun in the abdomen and the left kidney and Physical examination of the patient was normal and abdominal exploration was planned.

Laparotomy was done and Gerota' fascia was opened. The kidney was normal and only showed blast effect of gunshot on the posterior surface. After one month, computed tomography revealed normal left kidney with posterior defect.

Case highlights:-
• GSIs are the leading cause of death among young males next only to motor vehicle accidents, and bleeding and urinary extravasation from the collecting system are the two major problems in kidney injuries.

• If the patient has stable haemodynamic parameters after gunshot kidney injury, conservative management is an alternative method for these patients.