Button bite turbo for deep bite
An overbite >40% is considered abnormal and is considered as deep bite. This malocclusion being a complex condition in itself, involving group of teeth or whole dentition, is known to jeopardize the periodontal tissues, temporomandibular joint, or sometimes occlusion itself.

In some situations bite opening is achieved by extrusion of posteriors and generally a bite plane is used. While removable bite plates are commonly used, they require patient cooperation. This article presents a simple method of fabrication of a fixed bite plane.

At the time of alignment and leveling, bite turbo is placed. Lingual surfaces of upper anteriors are prepared for bonding. Bite opening in the posterior region was 4-5 mm. Bite opening in this case with posterior extrusion occured within 3 months of treatment.

There is scope for sequential reduction in the amount of bite opening as it gets improved. The use of button turbo bite requires less chair side time as this can be bonded simultaneously with brackets on the first appointment of bonding itself. Buttons are easily available and turbo made by this method is retentive, efficient, and stable.

Read about the device in detail here: https://pxmd.co/wH8Ih
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