CanSinoBIO's Inhaled COVID Vaccine Candidate Triggers Immune
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An inhaled version of CanSino Biologics' (CanSinoBIO) COVID-19 vaccine triggered immune responses without serious side effects, an early-stage clinical trial showed. The two-dose candidate requires lower dosages than the injected version and could help CanSinoBIO boost its production capacity, the company's chief executive said in April.

Two inhaled doses of the Ad5-nCoV vaccine, given 28 days apart, elicited a similar level of antibodies to those of a single injection, but lower titers of neutralizing antibodies at day 28, according to a peer-reviewed paper. The readings are based on data from a Phase I trial involving 130 healthy adult participants in China and published on the medical journal the Lancet Infectious Disease.

The inhaled vaccine did not cause serious side effects in the study, the paper said. Some of the trial participants received the injectible version of the vaccine followed by an inhaled booster 28 days later. The group induced strong neutralizing antibody responses, the report said.

The authors of the paper include researchers at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, CanSino Biologics, and other Chinese institutions.

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