Carcinoma Thyroid with Hyperthyroidism - A Rare Case Report.
A 43 year old male presented with a history of swelling in the right lateral aspect and in the midline of the neck since 3 months. He complained of sweating and palpitations. He had lost weight, however his appetite was normal. There was no past history of radiation to head and neck. / Physical examination revealed an anxious patient with a staring look and fine tremors of the out stretched hands. His resting pulse rate was 110/min. On examination of the neck, he had 4 × 3 cm firm, nodule in the right lobe of thyroid. No nodules were palpable in the isthmus and left lobe. Multiple significant nodes were palpable in the right level III and IV, largest is about 4 × 4 cm in the level III. No lymph nodes were palpable on the left side of the neck...