Case Discussion: Cardiologists Give it a thought? ????
Dr. Farman Khan
Case Discussion: Cardiologists Give it a thought? ????

A female Patient aged 45 yrs came to a hospital with the chief complaints of Breathlessness for 3 days and chest pain radiating to left arm since 3 hours.
On admission she presented with the following vitals:
Pulse Rate 88/min
BP 100/70 mm of Hg
Respiratory Rate 24/min

On General Examination:
No pallor
Central cyanosis present,
No raised JVP,
No pedal edema
SpO2 90%

On respiratory examination : decreased breathing sound.
On CVS examination : S1 S2 heard normal
On CNS examination : alert, conscious, all cranial nerves intact

Investigation :
Hb: 22.5
TLC: 12,000
Platelet 1.4 lakhs
Urea 33
Creatinine 1.1
LFT Normal

1.)What other investigations would you do?

2.)What treatment modalities would you start with?

3.)If the SpO2 went below 90 what intervention would you take?

4.) Name the most possible diagnoses?

The patient also demanded to be discharged and stop the treatment on the second day itself when her spO2 kept falling.

5.) In such a situation what would you do to complete your role as a doctor?
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