case discussion
Dr. Ketki Kaushal
Case discussion
67yr female came wid abdominal distension h/o constipation, fever,dyspnoe,palpable painless lump in abd.k/c/o CAD,DM2,Ac. on CKD wid sepsis.on exm B/L chest crepts,higher mentation normal.developed seizures on 7th day.wht could b the underlyng cause?any missed puzzle from history? sequeles? wht conclusive investigations should b done?probable diagnosis?the more u think the more you know! clues coming soon ????
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Is it non hodgkins lymphoma?
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Bio chem parameters
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क्या हाल है मैं आपके साथ महत्वपूर्ण चर्चा साझा करना चाहता हूं मुझे संदेश लिखें या अधिक चर्चा के लिए मुझे अपना ईमेल भेजें ( आप कौन सी भाषा बोलते हैं? मैं अपने ईमेल के माध्यम से आपके संदेश की प्रतीक्षा करता हूं ---------------------------------------------------------------- how are you i want to share important discussion with you write me message or send me your email for more discussion ( what language you speak? i wait for your message through my email... Read more
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