Causal Role of Gut Microbiota in Development of Osteoarthrit
There is considerable evidence for relationship between gut microbiota and osteoarthritis (OA), but this study have investigated their causal relationship.

Specifically, two-sample Mendelian randomization (MR) approach was used to identify the causal microbial taxa for OA. Reverse-direction MR analyses were performed to rule out the possibility of reverse associations.

--After correction, three microbial taxa were identified to be causally associated with diverse joint OA, namely Methanobacteriaceae family for knee OA and any OA, Desulfovibrionales order for knee OA and Ruminiclostridium5 genus for knee OA.

--In addition, researchers also identified five suggestive microbial taxa that were significant with three different methods under the nominal significance.

--Sensitive analysis excluded the influence of heterogeneity and horizontal pleiotropy and multivariable MR analysis ruled out the possibility of horizontal pleiotropy of BMI.

Several microbial taxa were shown to be causally linked to various types of joint OA in this investigation. The findings improved the understanding of the gut microbiota's role in OA pathophysiology.