Choroidal Metastasis as a First Sign of Recurrence in a Pati
Choroidal metastasis is the most frequent ocular tumor. Due to its high vascularity, the choroid is particularly susceptible to hematogenous dissemination of cancer cells [1]. The most common primary tumors in choroidal metastasis are located in the lung for men and the breast for women [2]. Choroidal metastases usually appear late and are generally a sign of advanced metastatic disease and poor prognosis [3]. The most common symptom of choroidal metastasis is the progressive decrease in visual acuity [2]. We report a case of choroid metastasis which was the first sign of systemic dissemination of the disease.

Case Report
We present the case of a 61-year-old Caucasian woman diagnosed with non-metastatic infiltrating ductal carcinoma in the right breast in June 2005. The Clinicopathologic characteristics of the tumor were: T2N2M0, Hormonal Receptor (RH) positive, human epidermal growth factor 2 receptor (HER2) negative. She was treated with radical right mastectomy with homolateral axillary lymphadenectomy completed by adjuvant systemic chemotherapy based on a sequential anthracyclinetaxan regimen followed by locoregional RT encompassing the chest wall and sus clavicular regional lymph nodes. She had two years of adjuvant hormonotherapy based on Tamoxifen 20 mg per day, followed by three years of Aromasine 25 mg per day, completed in April 2013....