cirrhosis of liver or hepetitis
Cirrhosis of liver or hepetitis
28 yrs male with high levels of sgot and sgpt from last 6 months how to proceed
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Dr. R●●●●n M●●●●●●●a
Dr. R●●●●n M●●●●●●●a Internal Medicine
All viral markers, usg, full lft with inr, ferritin, ana, asma, ceruloplasmin, if all negative then biopsy
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M●●●●●●●r P●●●●●●i
M●●●●●●●r P●●●●●●i General Medicine
Hepatomegaly present on P/A? Is the patient wasted? H/o alcohol intake, since how many years and quantity? :)
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Dr. H●●●●●●u B●●●●●●j
Dr. H●●●●●●u B●●●●●●j Physiotherapy
Occasional drinking stopped drinking after first check up 4 months ago. total blood cholesterol 229 wt 72 ht. 5.6 no symptoms present
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