Comparing COVID-19 With Previous Pandemics
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Pandemics have played a role in shaping human history throughout the ages. Few people reading this today will remember outbreaks on this scale, but history shows us that although it is devastating, what we are experiencing now is nothing unusual. Now, we will touch on the other pandemic that is still underway. In this article, we take a look back at some of the other pandemics that humans have endured. Specifically, we investigate cholera, the Black Death, and the Spanish flu, among others. We will note any similarities and take lessons where we can. Further information is provided in the posters attached.

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I wonder whether the basics of transmission of infection including COVID19 is communicated directly & properly to all people. Many people, more so in Goa, seem to be not knowing that infections, including COVID19 infection, can spread even from someone who is not an actively suffering patient, and that the infection can spread from an infected person even a few days prior to the actual suffering of/by the patient. Please spread this message directly & accurately to all the people. Let people move out of their residences (with this knowledge), [even when the strict lockdown may or may not be justifiable], only if extremely necessary, and not for purposes which can be avoided.... Read more
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