Congenital urethrocutaneous fistula: A rare isolated lesion
Published in the Journal of the Scientific Society, the authors describe a case about 1 year-old male child who was brought with the complaints of passing urine from the abnormal opening over the ventral aspect of penis since birth. There was no history of any inflammatory lesion or trauma at that site. Child was passing entire urine through this abnormal opening.

On examination, child had wide UCF at mid penile level. Proximal ½ cm urethra appeared hypoplastic covered with thin skin. Distal urethra, prepuce, and meatus were normal. Both testicles were descended and normally placed. Infant feeding tube passed through meatus would emerge out through fistula.

Routine blood investigations ultrasonography did not reveal any abnormality. Cystoscopic examination performed to rule out urethral duplication. At operation, the fistula was spatulated proximally until healthy urethra was seen. Fistula was closed over an infant feeding (7F) tube by Snodgrass technique. Dartos fascia and skin were closed separately. Catheter was removed on 7th postoperative day and child is voiding through meatus and there was no recurrence of the fistula.

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