COVID-19 infection in Reproductive age group females
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The objective of this study was to find out the effect, course of the disease, and management of the COVID-19 infection in pregnant women and compare it with the non-pregnant population.

All COVID-19-positive patients were divided into two groups: group A was comprised of pregnant/postpartum and group B of non-pregnant patients.

A total of 709 women (Group A-205, Group B-504) were included in the study, In group A 90% of patients were asymptomatic, while in group B 48% were asymptomatic patients. Group A had 5.9% and group B had 13.1% of patients having comorbidities. In group A, a smaller number of patients had raised inflammatory markers as compared to group B. Only 4% of patients of group A showed significant changes on chest X-ray as compared to 16% in group B. Only 2.9% of patients of group A required intensive care unit admission as compared to 10.31% patients of group B. Mean hospital stay of group A was 10.6 days, and that of group B was 12.1 days.

In pregnancy, due to the physiological alterations in the cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune systems, pregnant women are vulnerable to infections. Although pregnancy is an immunocompromised state, the severity of Coivd-19 disease is milder as compared to non-pregnant COVID-19-positive patients.

The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India