COVID peak in India by mid-September if government acts, pub
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COVID-19 cases may peak in India early as mid-September provided strong public health measures are in place and people behave in a responsible manner to contain the virus, President of Public Health Foundation of India, Prof. K Srinath Reddy, said on 18 July.

"Ideally we could have and should have prevented it from reaching this level, but even now we should try our best and contain it as quickly as possible", the public health expert said.

"India may see COVID-19 cases peaking as early as in two months if there are strong public health measures and people take all precautions like wearing face masks and maintaining a physical distance," he said.

"All those precautions...public health measures, as well as personal cautionary measures in terms of how to behave in a public place, started slipping since then, and slipped further after the lockdown was fully lifted", according to him.

"We spent too much time focusing on hospital bed capacity...that was also necessary, but the whole area of contact tracing was left essentially to policemen rather than seen as a public health function", he said.

"Building up strong contact tracing, household surveillance of people with symptoms, getting them tested quickly, all of these measures should have been taken much more".

"Our main thing now is to prevent the virus from getting deep into rural India, because that is where two-thirds of India is. If we can prevent that, we can still prevent the damage", Reddy added.

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