Covid Vaccination Dry Run Done Successfully In 4 States: Hea
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A two-day dry run to assess the readiness of the mechanism laid out for the COVID-19 immunisation drive, was successfully conducted in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab and Assam, the Union Health Ministry said.

Specific teams were formed for various tasks by the district administrations and activities like uploading of dummy beneficiary data, session site creation, vaccine allocation, communicating vaccination details to beneficiaries and vaccinators, and beneficiary mobilization were carried out, the health ministry said.

Field feedback on the first day of dun run was reviewed on December 29 through video conferencing with state and district programme officers by the joint secretary. All the states expressed satisfaction in terms of operational approach and use of IT platform to ensure transparency and effective monitoring of vaccination processes expected to cover a large number of people across the country.

The exercise tested the COVID-19 vaccination process, including planning and preparations; creation of facilities and users on Co-WIN application, session site creation and mapping of sites, uploading healthcare workers data, receipt of vaccines and their allocation by districts, session planning, deployment of vaccination team, logistics mobilisation at session sites, mock drill of conducting the drive, and reporting and review meetings at block, district and state levels.

The objective of the dry run was also to undertake and confirm field implementation of the Co-WIN and guide the way forward prior to its implementation.

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