Creatine not solution for lost muscle
Data from a recent randomized controlled trial published in the January issue of Sports Medicine suggests that creatine loading has no effect on muscle mass and strength during leg immobilization.

In this study, 30 healthy young men in their early 20s were randomly assigned to either a creatine or placebo group. The men either received a placebo or creatine supplements (20 g/d) for five days before one leg was immobilized in a full cast for seven days.
Despite an increase in muscle total creatine content in the creatine group, quadriceps muscle cross-sectional area declined in both the creatine (465 mm2) and the placebo group (425 mm2). There were no differences between the groups (p = 0.76). Leg muscle strength also decreased in both groups (p = 0.20). No changes were found in muscle fiber size in either group.