Delhi gets its first Human Milk Bank
First Pasteurized Human Milk Bank, 'Amaara' is launched in Delhi-NCR today by Fortis La Femme in collaboration with the Breast Milk Foundation. This non-profit center recognises that breast milk is the best nutritional food source for infants and should be available to babies deprived of their mother's milk.
This initiative is in line with the World Health Organizations (WHO) Millennium Development Goals to reduce the Infant Mortality rate. The WHO and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) recommend that the best feed for a baby who cannot be breastfed, is milk expressed from their own mother or from another healthy mother. Bhavdeep Singh, CEO, Fortis Healthcare, said, "India faces its own set of unique health challenges, one of them being the high vulnerability associated with pre-term babies who are significantly under-weight. Providing human breast milk to these fragile neonates can substantially cut the risk of infection and help save their lives. Keeping in mind the physiological inability of the mother in many cases to breastfeed, human milk banks assume great importance.
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