Diagnosis and Treatment
Dr. Sudhendra Kumar
Diagnosis and Treatment
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Dr. P●●●●●n K●●●●i
Dr. P●●●●●n K●●●●i Internal Medicine
Tenia corporis?.. itraconazole 100mg OD for 2wks.
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Dr. K●●●r A●●●●●v
Dr. K●●●r A●●●●●v Internal Medicine
Itraconazol is very effective, but use 200 mg or higher and finished it at the earliest. also use luliconazole lotion or other strong antifungal ointment.
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Dr. S●●●●●●h H●●●●●a
Dr. S●●●●●●h H●●●●●a General Management
Itraconazole 200
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