diagnosis n treatment
Devarapalli vinod
Diagnosis n treatment
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Dr. T●●●s K●●●r P●●l
Dr. T●●●s K●●●r P●●l Internal Medicine
Malum Perforans Pedis # neurotrophic & trophic ulcers
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Dr. I●●●●R C●●●●●A M●●●●I
Dr. I●●●●R C●●●●●A M●●●●I General Medicine
Tropical ulcer
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Dr. N●●●●●●●●n S●●●●●●●●●m
Dr. N●●●●●●●●n S●●●●●●●●●m General Medicine
Tropic ulcer due to diabetes maybe. I used to use BiofillAB for the wound and it gives good result.
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