differentiate between migraine & brain tumour.
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Differentiate between migraine & brain tumour.
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That persistent headache—the one that you start getting freaked out about when it lingers for a few days—is often mistaken for a brain tumor too, but it' s more likely a migraine, cluster headache, or tension headache. Migraines are the most common cause of headache, Samuels says, ranging in severity from relatively mild to disabling. They can be a lifelong phenomenon as well, he explains, running in families and occurring from when you’re a kid or teen into adulthood, waxing and waning throughout your life. If your headaches aren' t persistent, they can still be considered episodic, often related to a person’s menstrual cycle or period of ovulation. “Headaches that come and go are almost never a brain tumor; they’re almost always a migraine,” Samuels says. “Anybody who’s had a long history of episodic headaches, that’s going to be migraine 98.999 percent of the time, by far the most common cause of episodic headaches.” ... Read more
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