Doctor asks IMA to change its ways: Asks to take a stand in
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A gynecologist, Dr Arun Gadre, has written an open letter to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), accusing it of failing to take a stand on crucial issues in the medical system and has appealed to it to change its ways.

Gadre, who has been a strong voice on patients’ rights, claimed that IMA should start focusing more on ethical practice and asked the association to work with the Alliance of Doctors for Ethical Healthcare and Civil Society organisations for ethical healthcare practice in future.

IMA has refuted its allegation and has invited Dr Gadre for an open discussion at IMA House Pune.

In the seven-page letter, Gadre claimed that the state’s biggest doctors’ body has never voluntarily taken up issues like the practice of cuts and commission, price cap on medical devices and so on.

He said, “IMA describes itself as the only representative, a national voluntary organisation of doctors of modern scientific system of medicine, which looks after the interest of doctors as well as the wellbeing of the community at large but has been a mute spectator to several critical issues.”

He alleged the association has worked only towards the welfare and security of the doctors but have purposefully neglected several issues that have been affecting the public at large.

“Issues ailing the medical system are many, like implementation of PCPNDT Act, practice of taking commissions (cut practice), irrational drugs, money taken by doctors during conferences, ghost faculty doctors and professors, Consumer Protection Act, and commissions from pharmaceutical companies. But the IMA has never taken a stand in public welfare,” he said, questioning the body’s silence on issues that affect the community.

“There are sensible segment in the IMA who should now take charge and stand up and start working towards it,” he added. The IMA has refuted the allegations in another letter and now have challenged Dr Gadre for open discussion on November 15at the Neetu Mandke Hall.

Dr Avinash Bhondwe, presidentelect of IMA, Maharashtra, said, “The allegations made by Dr Gadre are wrong and just to gain the attention of public. If he wants to seriously make changes in the association, let him join IMA and starts working towards it. The several allegations, like cut practice, are wrong and it cannot be decided on basis of the doings of a small number of doctors. The same were given in the media and interviews.”

“Such sensitive issue has to be handled sensibly. In Pune, there are top radiologists and pathologists, none of who have we found in cut practice. The patients are referred to a specific centre or doctors, not because of cut practice but due to expertise and latest machinery. He is just painted this in other way. Doctors’ reputations are important and such charges will affect how patients will view them,” he added. “

We don’t say that everyone is clean but if someone is doing this, they will be held responsible. We want him to come for discussion, not just make baseless allegations,” Bhondwe said.

Gadre said that he had written the letter with the aim of improving patient care. “I have written the letter with an aim that the IMA should start working towards betterment of the patients. I know IMA is not happy with me but I have not received any invitation or letter from the IMA for invitation. I, too, am too open for discussion with the IMA but something should come out of this. The discussion should be on the problem and issue that I have raised, not about just personal allegations,” he said. “My appeal is that IMA should understand us and start stepping towards ethical practice.

Alliance of Doctors for Ethical Health care, IMA and civil society organisations should come together for ethical healthcare practice in the future,” he added.

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Dr Gadre has highlighted correctly, the actions to be taken by IMA . Should think of it with an open mind in benefit of society rather than raging war against dr Gadre
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