Doctor removes swallowed toothbrush from patient’s stomach u
A senior surgeon from Shillong Civil Hospital saved a patient's life on removing a toothbrush from the stomach by Endoscopy.

50-year old lady patient sought medical consultation from Sr. Surgeon by narrating the incident of swallowing a toothbrush.

Preliminary examination by Doctor observed no pain or discomfort to the patient. Even the X-ray reports failed to detect the toothbrush.

The doctor suggested the patient undergo endoscopy where toothbrush was spotted in her stomach. The object of identification was hooked with the Endoscope and the brush was pulled successfully through her mouth.

The use of endoscopy to treat cases of ingesting foreign items had been used at AIIMS where a similar case was reported of swallowing of 12 cm long toothbrush while cleaning the throat.

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