Don't Ignore Depression in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes
A total of 759 adolescents and young adults were electronically administered the PHQ-9 during outpatient visits at CHOP and another diabetes center. The duration of type 1 diabetes was around 8 years. Most of the patients were white (64.8%) and 22.3% were Black. The last HbA1c reading was an average of 8.49% across the cohort and PHQ-9 score was 3.27, falling into the "normal" category. The majority fell into the "normal" PHQ-9 category, while 19.9% were "subthreshold" and 7.5% were at "threshold." Around 4% of the cohort reported suicidal ideation within the past 2 weeks and 5.3% had a history of suicide attempt. Among younger people with type 1 diabetes, depression may be negatively affecting their glucose control.