Duodenal obstruction due to accidental swallowing of a denta
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Artificial dentures are the most common object ingested by elderly patients and account for 4–18% of all foreign body ingestions. Denture impaction in the small bowel is a rare phenomenon. Surgery of the duodenum is difficult, so endoscopy should be the first choice in these patients. There are very rare case reports on denture ingestion-induced duodenal obstruction or perforation, so the aim of this publication was to show a rare case of accidental ingestion of a dental prosthesis with duodenal obstruction and also perforation that could not be treated with endoscopic management and was managed with duodenal kocherization and gastrostomy.

A 47-year-old woman presented with epigastric abdominal pain of 2?hours’ duration after the accidental ingestion of a dental prosthesis 2?days before admission. The patient had severe epigastric tenderness. Radiographic examination revealed nothing. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy showed a swallowed lodged denture in the second to third parts of the duodenum, and the attempt to extract the denture failed. The patient underwent laparotomy and duodenal kocherization, pushing the denture to the stomach, and gastrostomy, and the denture was brought out without any complications.

Patients with old and worn dentures should have their prosthesis reconstructed and redesigned periodically in order to prevent denture ingestion and its complications. Early surgical intervention is recommended in patients with failed endoscopic extraction of foreign bodies and in those with duodenal perforation.

Source: https://jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13256-020-02456-z
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