Reetika Ramanathan
Via: Karan Kalra
A 62-year-old male who had worked in a tuberculosis (TB) laboratory for the past 25 years in a small district in Uttar Pradesh, India, presented with multiple ulcerations on the glans penis for the last 2 years. He initially noticed a small painful raised lesion, which ulcerated and started to discharge pus, but he had no other local or systemic complaints. He was a widower and denied having had any sexual partner for 10 years. On examination, he had multiple superficial ulcers on the prepuce and glans penis. The edges of the ulcers were undermined, but the ulcers did not perforate deeply into the urethra. The inguinal lymph nodes were not palpable. Systemic examination did not reveal any significant finding. His haemogram showed a raised erythrocyte sedimentation rate (42 mm in the first hour). Venereal disease research laboratory and human immunodeficiency virus serology were non-reactive. Chest X-ray and ultrasound of his
abdomen were normal. Urine samples were normal on routine microscopy.