Eccrine intraepidermal poroma of the eyelid
The present case has been published in the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology.

A 70-year-old nondiabetic male presented with mass over the medial aspect of his right upper eyelid. The lesion started 6 years back as multiple pea-sized masses, which gradually coalesced to form a single mass, associated with on-and-off foul-smelling discharge from the base of mass. A similar mass concurrently appeared on the medial aspect of his right thigh.

On examination, the pigmented mass measured 3 × 1 cm, was well defined, soft to firm in consistency, nonpulsatile, non-tender, noncompressible, multiloculated, and extended up to the nasal bridge. The lesion on the thigh measured 3 × 2 cm in size, with features similar to the eyelid lesion.

Pus from the mass reported sterile for bacterial and fungal elements. Incisional biopsy revealed intraepidermal eccrine poroma. Histopathology showed the presence of glycogen-filled cuboidal tumor cells with a round basophilic nucleus along with ductal lumina and cystic spaces lined by an eosinophilic, PAS-positive, diastase-resistant cuticle.

Excision of the mass was done under local anesthesia as a definitive management. No recurrence reported even after 6 months.

Major takeaway:-
Eccrine intraepidermal poroma is a relatively rare benign tumor of the eyelid. Complete excision of the tumor is curative.