endodontic-periodontal lesion caused by iatrogenic restorati
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Defective dental restorations can affect the periodontal and endodontic health of the teeth. This clinical case report, published in the World Journal of Dentistry demonstrates the successful management of a complex endodontic-periodontal iatrogenic lesion following a critical evaluation and decision-making process with interdisciplinary treatment strategies.

An endodontic-periodontal lesion that resulted from a faulty restoration in a 30-year-old male patient is reported. The management of the case is done through peri-odontal and endodontic treatment. The detailed method of managing of this type of cases is discussed.

A 30-year-old medically fit male patient presented to the restorative dentistry clinic complaining from mobile lower right mandibular tooth with uncomfortable bite in the same area. Patient also complained from unpleasant dark line around that mobile tooth in the same area. In a review of his dental history, the patient mentioned that he had crown treatment for two teeth in the lower right mandibular area 12 years ago.

He said "since day one after treatment I felt uncomfortable bite in that side but I ignored that and got adapt to it with time. Recently, I had mobility on one of the crowned teeth. I went to several dentists, they all suggested extraction then implants as they prescribed it as non-restorable tooth. I want to keep my natural tooth if you can."

Continue reading about the case here: https://pxmd.co/aexkm
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Best option, remove and when area heals an implant. Because immediate implant with patient' s tooth can' t be done because of infection of bone
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