Extremely rare tumour removed from woman’s ear
Gujarat’s first case of rare endolymphatic sac tumour (ELST), a tumour that arises from the middle ear, has been reported from Vadodara. The Brazilian Journal of Neurosurgery on Sunday published the case report of the 40-year-old woman from Bharuch who was suffering from the rare tumour having only 200 reported cases across the globe.

“This tumour arises from the middle ear which is part of the hearing apparatus. It grows and destroys the surrounding bone and reaches to the brain. Although it is not cancerous, as the size of the tumours increases, the brain gets gradually compressed and can even result in the death of a patient in 3-4 years,” said neurosurgeon Dr Amey Patankar. The 8x12 cm tumour that had resulted in complete hearing loss was removed through surgery by ENT surgeon Dr Ranjan Aiyer and Patankar.

Advanced immunohistochemistry (IHC) tests to identify the tumour correctly were carried out by pathology experts Dr Srinivasan and Dr Nidhi Vala. “The occurrence of this tumour is so rare that the exact cause is still not understood. If the occurrence is more, we can know more about the reasons that cause such tumour. Even for us, this case had come as a surprise,” said Aiyer, medical superintendent of state-run SSG Hospital.

“The challenge was keeping the facial nerve intact and getting the tumour out. The trick was in removing the tumour in toto without letting any damage to the surrounding organs. These included the blood containing sinus, the cerebellum (popularly known as the little brain) and the temporal lobe of the brain,” said Aiyer. “The patient has completely recovered. There is no regrowth of the tumour. She can now hear with one ear,” said Patankar.