Familial leiomyoma- A case report
A 36-year-old male patient presented with a 13 years history of painful, multiple lesion over the back. The lesions were first few in number and gradually increased in number over the years. Patient complains of pain on pressure and exposure to cold environment. Pain was sharp, shooting type. There is similar history seen in a family member, his brother.

On examination: Physical examination revealed multiple, discrete pink to dark brown colored firm, shiny, tender nodules ranging from 2 mm to 20 mm present over the left scapular region not crossing the midline with no significant surface change.

Systemic examination was unremarkable. A skin biopsy was obtained from a lesion over the back. Histopathology examination revealed interlaced fibers of smooth muscle cells with abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm and elongated nuclei with blunt ends.

On the basis of clinicohistopathology correlation, the diagnosis of multiple familial leiomyoma was made. Patient was started on tab.

Gabapentin 300 mg at bedtime. Patient was advised about carbon dioxide (CO2) laser.

Cutaneous leiomyomas are rare lesions and an important clinical differential diagnosis of painful papulonodules. Current knowledge of this cutaneous disorder is important in clinical practice, as comprehensive clinical assessments and patient education can provide positive outcomes to affected individuals

Source: https://www.ijord.com/index.php/ijord/article/view/1230/695