faulty implant case
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Faulty implant case
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Friends this is the statement by Dr jyotee oberoi who has given her version as below . She has 35 doctors working with her in chain of clinics . Kindly go through it and please share with other so that she gets justice . As per Dr jyotee:::::: This started from January 2016 wher this childhood friend came to me for treatment of her mother .... after seeing the OPG all the treatment plans were given to patient with cost price .... the patient decided go with full mouth denture and fixed prosthesis ... the surgery was conducted in two parts first the mandibular and the maxillary after two weeks .... the patient was called after 3 months .... but twice due to her high blood pressure was sent back .... as we couldn' t put the healing caps ... due to her high blood pressure ..... we asked for a consent .... from physicians .....then the oral surgeon ..... placed healing caps ..... after a week my prosthodontist called her and prepared the prosthesis .... she wanted a pfm .... I was already charging her too less and I couldn' t bare the charges of pfm .... and as it is her payment was remaining .... she had only payed me 95 thousand ..... and cotation was 1,40000 with the prosthesis ..... my assistant gave her the final call ... saying the prosthesis is ready pls come with your payment ..... but she said I don' t want to continue with the treatment at your clinic Then after a month I get a notice from her lawyer wher false allegations are put on me Tht I have taken more money .... that I m not a doctor ... I don' t knw how to gv local anethesia of which my lawyer replys ...... then she tries putting pressure on police to lodge a police complaint ..... gets various political pressure .... I come out clean from police not once but twice ...... during all this we gv her an option we r still ready to do treatment ..... we cn also do it at some one else' s clinic .... she denies .... police also tells the daughter Tht for your ego ..... don' t make your mom ....suffer.... my mom approaches her mom to sort it amicably .... but all .... is in vain And finally I get a call from Rupsa Chakrabarty saying Tht so and is uer case has come with complaint .... it will filed tomorrow ..... I request don' t put anything to print .... see my documents ....know my side of story but it was all on deaf ears .... and in the morning .... I see my photograph and this news on front page ... without my consent ... wher was I wrong??... Read more
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