First Population-based cancer registry in Kerala
On the eve of World cancer day 2019, Kerala's Health minister KK Shailaja announced the creation of population-based cancer registry for Kerala.

Kerala introduced the first paperless hospital-based cancer registry in India in the year 1982 that was prepared under the National Cancer Registry Programme of ICMR. Two leading cancer centres of Kerala, Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) and Malabar Cancer centre (MCC) have been maintaining the registry since their inception.

The decision of creating registry based on Kerala Cancer Control Strategy focuses on decentralization of cancer diagnosis, treatment & palliative care centres while augmenting government institutions. The state government plans to reduce cancer cases by 2030 through early detection and treatment.

For the successful creation of the population-based registry for cancer, the state government has decided to launch a massive campaign under Ardram mission with the set-up of cancer detection camps under family health centers to detect fresh cases, unregistered in the hospitals.

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