Give nurses, dentists lateral entry into MBBS: NEP Draft
The Ministry of Human Resource Development has recently made a draft National Education Policy 2019 (NEP 2019) available for comments on its website. The draft policy touches down various aspects of the educational system in India, including school, professional and vocational education. The draft also mentions about a lateral entry of nurses and dentists into MBBS.

"...There is now a global shift from curative medical practice towards a more holistic approach to healthcare that balances wellness, prevention and cure. This has deep implications for medical education in India. Indians have always exercised pluralistic choices in healthcare, seeking help in different systems of medicine for different needs. This makes it important to impart medical education in an integrative health science framework and replace the current silos in which it is imparted in India. Healthcare education must ensure that that skilled doctors, nurses, and paramedics are trained in a scheme that appreciates pluralistic health education perspectives alongside specific disciplinary foci..," the draft suggests.

Key excerpts:

- The first year or two of the MBBS course will be designed as a common period for all science graduates after which they can take up MBBS, BDS, Nursing or other specialisations. Common foundational courses based on medical pluralism will be followed by core courses focused on specific systems, and electives that encourage bridging across systems. Graduates of other medical disciplines such as nursing, dental etc., will also be allowed lateral entry into the MBBS course

- Centralised exit examination for MBBS education: Just as the NEET has been introduced as a common entrance examination for the MBBS, a common exit examination for the MBBS will be introduced (as has been suggested in the National Medical Commission Bill) that will play a dual role as also the entrance examination for admission into postgraduate programmes

- In the long term, it is advisable to make BSc Nursing the sole entry-level qualification for nurses. However, given the current shortage of nursing staff, a careful decision of when the GNM course can begin to be phased out, will be made

- A certificate skills-based training programme (minimum 1 to 2 years with significant onthe-job training) for General Duty Assistants (GDA), Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic (EMT-B) and Laboratory Technicians who can be employed in Primary Health Centres (PHC) and other government set-ups will be introduced to strengthen delivery of healthcare

Also read: MCI & DCI must restrict themselves to regulating Professional Practice (

You may access the official draft here:
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