Government has stocked up Rs 10 crore worth of expired drugs
It's not just garbage piling up in Bengaluru. Expired and discarded medicines worth nearly Rs 10 crore are in state-run warehouses for the past 16 years in Karnataka. All thanks to lack of clarity and instructions to warehouse managers across the state on what to do with expired drugs. All they've done in 16 years is pile up these medicines in warehouses, including the one off Magadi Road, west Bengaluru. When health minister UT Khader visited this unit during the wee hours of Tuesday , he was shocked. The warehouse had Rs 20 lakh worth of expired medicines from Bengaluru alone. "It looked as though no one had visited this place since 2009. No one had the keys to the room where the medicines are kept. We had to break open the door. The medicines have been dumped here since 2000," said health department officials who accompanied the minister.
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