Granular cell tumor of the gallbladder: case report
Granular cell tumors (GCTs) are rare benign tumors, which originate in the tongue, ovary, oropharynx, GIT and respiratory tract. Biliary GCTs are rarities. Clinical presentations depend on tumor site.

A 62-year-old male, presented with acute and severe abdominal pain for fifteen days. He was in pain, not pale or jaundiced. Abdominal imaging showed thick-walled gallbladder with multiple stones suggestive of calcular cholecystitis and liver cirrhosis. The diagnosis of acute-on-chronic cholecystitis was made. Following informed consent open cholecystectomy showed a cirrhotic liver with enlarged Calot’s lymph node and thick adhesions. Histopathology revealed a benign GCT of the gallbladder. The patient recovered uneventfully. The patient was well with no tumor recurrence after one year follow up.

Source: Journal of Surgical Case Reports, Volume 2019, Issue 5, May 2019

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