Half of parents regularly give kids a dietary supplement
A balanced diet helps children get the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. An unhealthy diet, on the other hand, can negatively affect short and long-term health outcomes as well as school performance.

About a third of parents say their child is a picky eater and a third don't think they eat enough fruits and vegetables. Thirteen percent worried kids weren't getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals while 9 % said their child needed more fiber in their diet, according to the nationally representative report based on responses from 1,251 parents with at least one child ages one to ten.

Another potential barrier: cost. Half of parents agreed that it was more expensive to provide their child with a healthy diet. We know that fresh, healthy foods can be more expensive than processed or packaged items that are often higher in sodium and added sugars. This can make it especially frustrating for parents when children waste or refuse to eat healthy foods.

The use of dietary supplements in children is an important health decision to discuss with doctors, but less than half of parents who have given their child a supplement talked to their child's health provider.

Source: University of Michigan