Health Ministry Issues New Guidelines For Diabetes Managemen
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The Union health ministry has come out with the latest clinical guidance on the diagnosis and management of diabetes among Covid-19 patients as mucormycosis or black fungus is one of the major concerns during coronavirus disease (Covid-19) recovery, especially in patients with uncontrollable diabetes.

In the new guidelines, the ministry has highlighted the importance of strictly monitoring patients with diabetes as they run the risk of hyperglycemia or high blood sugar, which can increase the threat of black fungus. "Screen every patient at admission for hyperglycemia with at least two capillary blood glucose values by a glucometer," the ministry said in the new patient management guidelines.

Patients with a normal initial glycemic profile may develop stress hyperglycemia during the course of illness, especially if the severity of Covid-19 infection increases. Additionally, the use of glucocorticoids for the treatment of a primary disease may also lead to hyperglycemia in such individuals, the government said.

The government in the new guidance of patient management has specifically focussed on repeated monitoring of blood glucose levels even if the initial reading is normal. The glycemic assessment should be an ongoing dynamic process and not a one-time event, the ministry said.

"Every patient with diabetes should be started on a diabetic diet. Kindly ensure that the patient strictly adheres to the timing and quantity advised in the diet chart," the ministry added in the important points section of the new guidelines.

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