Help 'Starting Troubles' raise funds: India's 1st medical hu
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
Help 'Starting Troubles' raise funds: India's 1st medical humor web-series
Stressed? Or having a bad day at work, then watch a new comedy sketch about 'Dating a Surgeon' here:

If you would like to act and produce such sketches then claim your rewards after crowdfunding #StartingTroubles and be a part of 1-3 sketches like these. Make a difference and fund this wonderful series here:

About the project

Starting Troubles is a web-series which revolves around my journey of transitions into this multifaceted life. This journey has been a hilariously complex one with a lot of overlaps, balancing acts, bad decisions, and confusions. Since it is difficult to depict such multi-dimensional events in a stand-up comedy format, I have chosen to bring this content to viewers in a comedy web-series format.

Though positioned in humor and confusion, the key message in every episode of Starting Troubles is: "Persist in doing whatever you want to. There will be Starting Troubles and they will settle as the new environment accepts you".

I self-funded the first episode of Starting Troubles, and it has been shot, produced, and released on Youtube and Medcast ( It was extremely well-received. Now to produce the rest of the episodes, my team and I really need your support!

Support now:

Why should you fund this project?

Our concept is new, fresh and different in terms of content. It's India's first medical humor web-series, after-all. You with get to be a part of something unique that is bound to stand out!

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