hlo doctors..i am going to discuss my 1st case ....actually
Dr. Aasif Ali
Hlo doctors..i am going to discuss my 1st case ....actually i have seen a patient ...age 35 female , with the complains of pain in relation to 33 34 since 7 -8 months, she had severe sharp shooting pain in same region , pain is trigger by extraoral touch frm same, ..and pain is nt relieving frm pain killer either nt by tramadol kind of analgesics.. clinically there is no TOP no Decay no gingival enlargmnt and pocket also nt very mch significant...radiographically there is no any periapical pathology seen , but pdl widening is slight marked...no trauma histry, ...plzz suggest me what to do ?
Dr. T●●i M●●●●a
Dr. T●●i M●●●●a Dentistry
Distal of 33,medial of 34 and medial of 35, there is vertical bone lost. Periodontal condition even though there' s no mobility
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Dr. y●●●●j t●●●●●●●e
Dr. y●●●●j t●●●●●●●e Dentistry
Not sure, but it' s looks like localised periodontitis or may be case of apical periodontitis,, because of poor oral hygiene and the reason that she can' t clean her teeth due to sharp shooting pain, which aggravate on extra-oral touch or by itself.
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Dr. D●●●●h P●●●l
Dr. D●●●●h P●●●l Dentistry
It' s neuralgia may be.. & dr. any past dental history of patient .........???? or check for occlusion , may be related FMR case
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